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Sunny Hsu 2014 年 09 月 13 日

大家對於找尋工作、如何寫出好的履歷表、如何在面試上大放異彩都很有興趣;但是,要如何辭職才是最合宜、最優雅的呢?  VoiceTuber在這篇文章中整理出了幾個小重點,希望各位在職場上都能揮一揮衣袖,不擾亂任何雲彩呦!



1. 辭呈(letter of resignation)要清楚地寫明要辭職的職務以及時間,讓老闆清楚的知道所有的資訊,最適合的時間是兩周前

2. 先別逞一時的口舌之快,在跟同事抱怨或炫耀(brag about)之前,第一位知道你要離職的人一定要是你的上司

3. 離職前仍要堅守崗位到最後一刻,不要讓以往的功勞都白費(in vain)了

4. 將工作詳細交接,並告知後人如果對工作有任何問題都還是可以詢問你

5. 離開後一段時間,寫封信問候老同事,西方有一句諺語叫做「不要自斷後路,因為地球是圓的」(The only bad thing about burning your bridges behind you is the world is round),維持得來不易的友好關係,也可以為自己留住後路。


通常要離開一間公司的長理由有更好的薪資待遇(better pay)、在舊工作中找不到熱情(boredom),還有缺乏升遷機會(lack of advancement),不管你對於舊工作有任何的開心或不滿的情緒,記得都要展現高度的EQ、適當的做事方法,優雅的離開呦!

1970292863_bbddb0a6d4_z   以下提供CareerFront Guide網站兩種離職信的範本


Date on which you are writing the letter

Name of your immediate manager
Name address of the company
Company Address

Dear Mr./Ms. (Name of the Manager),

This is my formal notification that I am resigning from (name of the company name) as (position held by you in the company). Kindly relieve me from the closing hours of (Date) which I request you to consider as my last day of employment.

I appreciate the opportunities I have been given here, and wish you much success in the future.

                                                                                                     (your signature)
                                                                                                     Your Name
                                                                                                     cc: (names of those being copied on the letter)


Your Name in full
Your  address
Your telephone and email address
Date (on which you are submitting the letter)

Name of the manager
Designation of the manager
Name and address of the company

Salutations – eg., Dear Mr. (name of the manager)

I regret to inform you that I will be resigning from the position of (title of the position held by you) effective (date you would liked to be relieved).

I heart fully appreciate every opportunity that was given to me during my tenure of (number of years you worked ) work in this esteemed organization.

Before I leave the organization I would be grateful to know if all my duties have been taken care of. In case, the organization requires my assistance in finding an alternate person for my existing position I shall be glad to assist.  Please let me know of what help I can be before my departure date (mention date you are leaving).

Thanking you in advance. I sincerely hope we cross paths in our careers while climbing the ladder.

Salutations – eg Yours sincerely,




Resignation Letter Samples (and Tips for How to Write) 離職信的注意事項以及撰寫格式

How to Write a Resignation Letter: 11 Steps 寫出完美離職信的11個步驟

Top 10 Common Reasons why People Resign from Job 十個最常見的離職理由

Source: CareerFront Guide

Photo Source: 1. YouTube  2.Flickr, CC Licensed  3.Flickr, CC Licensed

作者:Sunny Hsu


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