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你知道舉例時到底該用for example,such as 還是 like 嗎?

VoiceTube 2014 年 09 月 04 日

舉例時到底要用 for example, such as, 還是 like?

1. For example作“例如”講時,一般只以同類事物或人中的“一個”為例,作插入語,用逗號隔開,可置於句首、句中或句末。 

For example, air is invisible. 例如,空氣是看不見的。

He, for example, is a good student. 例如,他就是個好學生。 

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2. such as也作為“例如”講,用來列舉同類人或事物中的幾個例子。 

Some of the European languages come from Latin, such as French, Italian, and Spanish. 有些歐洲語言來源於拉丁語,例如,法語、義大利語和西班牙語。

Boys such as John and James are very friendly. 像約翰和詹姆斯這樣的男孩都很友好。


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3. like 在日常生活中的對話也用來表示舉例,可與such as互換。*

但such as用於舉例可以分開使用,此時不可與like互換。

Some warm-blooded animals,like/such as the cat,the dog or the wolf,do not need to hibernate. 一些溫血動物,像貓、狗和狼都不需要冬眠。

He has several such reference books as dictionaries and handbooks.

注意! 使用such as來舉例子,只能舉出其中的一部分,一般不能全部舉出。若全部舉出,要改用namely(意為“即”)。

He knows four languages, namely Chinese, English, Russian and French. 他精通四門語言,即漢語、英語、俄語和法語。

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*like可以與such as互換嗎?

They are interchangeable in daily conversations, but on some tests SUCH AS the GMAT, they have a slight difference.

like = similar to
such as = for example

-Can you buy me some desserts like pudding or flan?
The use of “like” here CAN suggest that the speaker doesn’t really want pudding or flan, but rather some other desserts that are similar to pudding or flan.

-Can you buy me some desserts “such as” pudding or flan?
The use of “such as” means that the speaker wants pudding of flan.



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