看看這個華美的飯店房間! 有沒有激起想要出國玩的想法呀?
(小編: 這飯店….好像有點太浮誇了….)

H™tel RITZ Paris - 1720

首先,在去旅遊之前一定需要預訂房間(Making a Hotel Reservation),飯店房間如何預訂呢?


預訂房間 (Reserving a room)

有可能出現的對話如同以下 (A為房客 / B 為客服人員)


A : Hello, is this the Parkland Residency?  哈囉!請問是xxx飯店嗎?

B : Yes, I am Hans. How may I help you?  是的,我是xxx人員,請問有什麼需要幫忙的嗎?

A: I’d like to book a room for tomorrow.  我要預訂明天的房間 (直接說要訂飯店房間) 

B: What’s your complete name, please?  請問您的全名是什麼呢?

A: Rouf Hughes. What is the total cost?  我叫xxx,請問房間價格是多少呢?

B: That would be $120 per night. 一晚是120元

A: No problem. Book the room for one night, please.  好的沒問題,那我要預訂一晚的房間

B: Sure, may I know your cell phone number? 沒問題,請問我可以有你的行動電話嗎?

A: 0800 XXXXXX

B: Thank you. How would you like to pay?  謝謝,您想要如何付帳呢?

A: I can pay through credit card.  我想用信用卡

B: I will call you back in about 10 minutes to confirm your booking. 我十分鐘後會再打電話跟您確認訂單

A: Thank you very much. 非常感謝你

詢問有沒有空房 (Inquiring about availability)

(A為客服人員 / B 為房客)

A : Parkland Residency, this is Rouf. How may I help you?   xxx飯店,我是客服人員ooo,請問有什麼需要幫忙的嗎?

B : Hi, I’m Windy Dakota. I was wondering if I can get a good suite for the 12th of this month? 哈囉我是xxx,我在想這個月12號有沒有空房?

A : Sorry Miss Dakota, we have no vacant suites for that day. 不好意思,在那天我們飯店沒有空房。

B : Alright, then what about the 24th? 好吧!那24號有嗎?

A: Yes, suites are available for that day, would you like to book one? 有的,我們在那天有空房間,請問你需要訂一間嗎?

B: I’ll have to call you back, thank you. 如果我需要會再打給你,謝謝。

詢問價格 (finding out about rate)

(A為房客 / B 為客服人員)

A : Hello, this is Hans Schefield. What are your rates per day for a room? 哈囉!我是xxx,請問你們一間房間多少錢?

B:  Mr. Schefield, we have rooms ranging from $100 to $500 per day. xx先生你好,我們一天房間的價位從100~500都有。

A: What’s the price for family suite with 2 beds? 請問有兩張床的家庭式房間是多少錢呢?

B : Deluxe family suites start from $450. May I know for how many people you would need the suite?  是450元,請問你們有多少人呢?

A: We are four. Two adults and two kids. 我們有四個人,兩個大人、兩個小孩。

B: Great. It would be $500 for the best suite. 好的,那麼這間房間是500元

A: Ah! That’s expensive. Let me know if there’s a good room facing the sea. 噢!那有些貴,請問你們有靠海邊的好房間嗎?

B: Yes, we have a fine sea-view suite for you. It is $350. 是的我們有良好海景的房間,是350元

A: Now that sounds nice! 聽起來不錯!

B: Will you be booking it, Mr. Schefield? 請問xxx先生你要訂嗎?

A: Yes, please. 好的,謝謝!

如何付錢?(How to pay?)

(A為房客 / B 為客服人員)

A: What are my payment options?

B : We accept all types of credit cards. There is also a special rebate of 5% on American Express cards.

A :That’s fine, but the problem is I don’t have a card! I only have a Visa checking account.

B: You can use the debit card connected to your checking account.

再來,下了飛機,要如何詢問前往飯店的事宜呢?(How to get to the hotel?)


Excuse me, how do I get to_(地點)__, I am staying in a hotel there?

Would the _(交通工具名稱) _be the fastest?

What do you suggest?

This is the name of the hotel I’ll stay.

Where is the__(交通工具名稱)__from here?

看看這個影片-如何換旅館房間 (Changing a Hotel Room)



A: Good morning, Terry. I’d like to change to another room.

B: Is there a problem?

A: The room would be all right if it weren’t so noisy.  (說出問題)

B: It’s the traffic on the street below. Closing the windows would reduce the noise.

A:There’d be no fresh air if I closed the windows. And the air conditioner doesn’t work. Is there a room facing the sea? (再次表達問題所在)

B: Let me check… Yes, I can put you in room 605. There’s a wonderful view and it’s very quiet.


A : Excuse me, Mr. Ford. The air conditioner in my room doesn’t work.

B: I’ll send someone to take care of it right away.

A: This may take too long. I’d like to change rooms, please. (直接提出想要換房間的需求)

B: All right. Let me see what we have available.

A: Well, I’d like to stay in a room facing the sea.

B: I got it. The rooms facing the sea are $25 more than those facing the road.

A: That’s fine. Please get me one facing the sea.


A: How’s the new room working out for you?

B: It’s much better. Now I can leave the windows open when I want. I appreciate the help. (記得要向服務人員說謝謝)




A: I’m calling from room no. 324. I’d like to order dinner in my room.

B: Sure. What’d you like to have?

A: Please send 1 vegetarian platter, 2 servings of crispy garlic noodles and 1 serving of mushroom gravy. 

B: Alright. Is there anything you’d like to drink?

A: Do you serve wine in the room?

B: I’m afraid not. Alcoholic drinks are served only at the hotel bar.

A: Not a problem. Just send the food, please. How long would that be ?

B: Max 30 minutes.

A: That’ll be fine. Thank you.


A: Hi! Can you send someone to pick up the laundry from my room? It’s number 346.

B: Sure. Is there anyone in the room?

A: Yes. My wife’s there. Could you send someone right now? We are leaving in 15 minutes.

B: Alright. I’ll ask the housekeeping staff to pick it up immediately.

A: Thank you so much.

最後就是退房啦!該如何退房呢? ( Checking Out Of A Hotel Room)



A. We’re checking out. Can you send someone to pick our luggage?

B.Yes, Ma’am! How many pieces of luggage do you have?

A. Only two, but they’re large and heavy suitcases. Oh…and yes…There are some shopping bags too.

B. I’ll send the bellboy over. (bellboy行李人員)

A. Okay. Thank you.


A. Good morning. Room 256. Check-out, please.

B. Have you consumed anything from the mini-bar? (服務人員會問說你有沒有用冰箱或是小吧檯的東西)

A. Yeah… A couple of beers and a bottle of water.

B. Alright, so adding that to your total, it comes to $579.

A. Okay. I also wanna order some coffee from the room-service.

B. No problems, I’ll get that sent to your room.

A. Great! Please include that in the bill.

B. Sure! Your new total is $585.

A. Great, please send me the bill.


A.  ABC Hotel. How can I help ?

B. Hi there…I was just going through my bill and I found a charge for laundry.

A. Okay?

B. Well, I didn’t get any laundry service during my stay. I don’t understand why I’ve been charged for that.

A. Is that so? I’m awfully sorry, Sir. Let me get this checked… I’ll send you a revised bill.

B. Please do so… It’s very irritating being charged for something you didn’t buy.

A. I truly apologize, Sir. This was a mistake. I’ll get it removed right away.

B.Alright, thanks for the help.


A. Good morning, buddy! I’m checking out later today, and I want a taxi to the airport.

B. Alright. What time do you need it for, Sir?

A. Say about 10.30. My flight is at 12.30.

B. Okay… What kind of taxi do you want?

A. Nothing special, mate. Just the regular stuff.

B. No problems. I’ll have a taxi waiting for you at 10.30.

A. Great! Thank you.


1. reservation 預約後

2. book (V.) 訂房

3.deposit 預付、保證金


single 單人房

deluxe single 豪華單人房

superior room 高級客房

double  room 雙人房

family  room 家庭式(通常兩間房,一間雙人床一間兩張單人床)

extra bed 加床

baby cot 嬰兒床

seaside view room 海景房

suite    套房

junior suite  標準套房(床+餐桌+起居空間)

5. serve 供餐

6.service charge 服務費

7. package 套裝方案、優惠方案

8. buffet 自助式

9. bellhop 行李員

10. luggage 行李

11. valuables 貴重物品

12. concierge service 賓客服務

13. bill 帳單

14. charge 費用

15. receipt 收據

16. traveler’s checks 旅行支票

17. tips 小費


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