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VoiceTube 2014 年 10 月 16 日

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1. across the board – including everyone or everything  指全面地,表示事情會以同樣方式影響所有人或事

例句:The computer company decided to give the workers an across-the-board increase in their salary.

2. bail a company out or bail out a company – to rescue a company that has financial problems 幫助一家公司擺脫困境

例句:The government bailed out the bank to maintain stability in the economy.


3. a ball park figure/estimate – a rough estimate or figure  一個大略的數字

例句:The contractor gave us a ball park figure for the cost of repairing the new building.


4. bang for the buck – value for the money spent  花最少錢取得最大效果

例句:We were able to get much bang for the buck when we advertised on the Internet.


5. bankroll someone/something – to supply someone with money, to finance someone  提供…資金

例句:The movie actor bankrolled his son while the son was producing his first movie.


6. bottom line –

(1)the central issue of a discussion, the main point  可以指在討論過程中,最重要的一件事

例句:My friend wants to open a restaurant. However, the bottom line for me is that we need more research before I invest any money.

(2)the lowest amount of money that someone will accept  指在商務談判中的可以被接受的最低價格

例句:Take this new offer to Sony, but 20,000 is our bottom line! We can’t go lower than that!


7. break even – to have expenses equal to profits  得失相當

例句:After three months the company was able to break even and begin to make a profit.


8. carve out a niche (for a product) – to create a product or market that nobody else has 開拓利基

例句:The company was able to carve out a niche for their product among university students.


9. cut corners – to economize, to try to spend less money. 找更方便或便宜的辦法來做一件事

例句:We have been forced to economize on expenses during these severe economic times.


10 . cut one’s losses – to do something in order to stop losing additional money or time etc.  斷掉某人的損失; 斷尾求生

例句:We should sell the old machinery soon and try to cut our losses.




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Photo Sources:Kevin Dooley, CC Licensed

文章轉載自:Eric’s English Lounge


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