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Should vs. Be supposed to ,到底「應該」怎麼用!?

VoiceTube 2014 年 09 月 02 日

Should 和 be supposed to 在中文都被翻成 「應該」,但區別到底在哪裡? 怎麼用才正確呢?


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1.be supposed to 表示的是一種預期 (expectation) 的情況:

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(1)現在式的 be supposed to v. 指的 “應該”, 則是指預定的計畫, 或別人預期我們要做到的事

(2)過去式的 be supposed to 意為「大家預期發生的事,但實際上卻沒發生」,因此相當於 should have + P.P. 或 ought to have + P.P. 「本該發生的事,但實際上卻沒發生」。


A: The train is supposed to be on time.
B: Yeah, it’s never late.

A: Johnny, you are supposed to finish your homework before you watch TV!
B: Of course, mom. I will finish my homework first before I watch cartoons.

A: You were supposed to call that girl! I even gave you her phone number!
B: I’m sorry. I just didn’t have the courage to call.

A: Class was supposed to begin at 10: 00, but it didn’t begin until 10: 15.
Class should have begun at 10: 00 (but it didn’t begin until 10: 15).
Class ought to have begun at 10: 00 (but it didn’t begin until 10: 15).


2.be supposed to 除了上述的意思外,還有一個常見的意思,就是「一般認為」(be generally believed/considered)

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a.Elephants are supposed to be afraid of mice.
b.Elephants are generally believed to be afraid of mice.
c.It is generally believed that elephants are afraid of mice.

(Yes, I know that elephants aren’t really afraid of mice.)


3.should/ought to 指的 “應該”, 是說做這樣的事是有好處的 (ought to 的語氣比 should 來得強)

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a.You should go get new glasses. You can’t see clearly with the ones you have now.
b.You should study hard now. The final is only a few days away.

或者表示義務, 責的任應該, 應當

a.You should help these people. It’s your duty as a doctor.
b.A teacher should also dedicate himself or herself to education.



*should 和 ought to 的用法比較:



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