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What’s a travel bubble? What’s with all the hype?

Travel bubbles, also known as travel corridors and corona corridors, are essentially an exclusive partnership between neighboring or nearby countries that have demonstrated considerable success in containing and combating the COVID-19 pandemic within their respective borders.
(「旅行泡泡」,又稱「旅遊走廊」(travel corridors) 或「冠狀病毒走廊」(corona corridors),基本上是鄰國或附近國家之間的獨家合作關係,而它們已在控制和對抗各自邊境內的新型冠狀病毒疫情上相當成功。)

essentially (adv.) 本質上,基本上

Everything she’s saying is essentially true.

essential (n.) 必需品;不可缺少的東西

Water is an essential to human survival.

exclusive (adj.) 專用的,專有的;獨有的,獨佔的

This feature is for the exclusive use of VIP members.
此功能僅供 VIP 會員使用。

These countries then go on to re-establish connections between them by opening up borders and allowing people to travel freely within the zone without having the need to undergo on-arrival quarantine.

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re-establish (v.) 重建;恢復

It is important to re-establish the brand image of our product so that it can keep up with the rapidly changing market.

 zone (n.) 區域

Some citizens hope to see Europe become a nuclear-free zone.

undergo (v.) 經歷;接受(治療、檢查)

She had to undergo chemotherapy to treat her cancer.

接著,文章提到「旅行泡泡」是由愛沙尼亞、拉脫維亞和立陶宛這三個波羅的海國家所創造的詞。當時,它們建立了三邊夥伴關係,使這些國家的公民可以進入彼此的領土,而 這種自由的通道後來被稱為「旅行泡泡」。

Not solely limited to tourism, the safe bubble also allows the three Baltic countries to rekindle trade relations and revive other sectors as well. The chances of travelers transmitting or contracting the virus within the travel bubble are extremely unlikely due to the level of success the countries involved have exhibited in managing the viral outbreak.

rekindle (v.) 重新激起,重新喚起

The graduation trip was the last chance for them to rekindle their friendship.

revive (v.) (使) 甦醒,(使) 復活;(使) 復原;(使) 復興;(使) 重新流行

The paramedics failed to revive the patient.

transmit (v.) 傳遞,傳播;傳送 (信號)

COVID-19 can be considered an airborne disease, since it can be transmitted through the air.
COVID-19 可以算是一種空氣傳播疾病,因為會在空氣中傳播。

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contract (v.) 感染 (疾病)

All passengers should wear their masks before boarding the train to avoid contracting the virus.

contract (n.) 合約,契約

You should always read a contract carefully before signing it.

新旅遊現象!什麼是醫療旅遊? (What Is Medical Tourism?)

On the flip side, those looking to enter the travel bubble from the outside must undergo strict preventive measures which include a 14-day isolation, an official document stating they have not been infected with coronavirus and have not come into contact with anyone who has.
(另一方面,那些想從外面進入旅行泡泡的人必須採取嚴格的防疫措施,包括 14 天的隔離期、一份官方文件說明他們沒有感染新型冠狀病毒,也沒有和任何感染者接觸過。)

isolation (n.) 隔離;孤獨

Travelers who enter Taiwan must go through a 14-day isolation.
入境台灣的旅客必須經過 14 天的隔離期。

isolate (v.) 隔離,孤立;分離

A patient with pneumonia had to be isolated from other patients due to their weakened  immune system.

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