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Vivian Chen 2020 年 02 月 08 日

看看 Annie 怎麼說吧!

Annie 去交換認識的朋友 Linda 來到台灣找她玩,身為饕客的 Linda 想要趁機試試台灣的小吃,所以 Annie 就決定帶 Linda 去夜市吃個夠!

Linda: So, what are the must-try snacks in the night market?

Annie: I personally recommend scallion pancakes. It’s flatbread mixed with scallions, and it tastes like a savory croissant. You can add eggs, basil leaves, ham, and so on.

(After buying a scallion pancake and taking a bite…)

Linda: It’s very crispy but a little bit greasy. What do you recommend I drink with this?

Annie: Many foreigners love pearl milk tea. But if you want to quench your thirst, I think lemon aiyu jelly is the best! The texture of aiyu jelly is quite smooth and soft. It’s made from the seeds of a plant in the fig family.

Linda: I’ve tried pearl milk tea in France. After all, its popularity has spread all over the world. So, this time I’d like to try aiyu jelly! Then, where’s our next stop?

Annie: I remember that you love seafood. Maybe you can try an oyster omelet. It’s typically made from eggs, flour, and potato starch, then it is usually topped with a mildly spicy and salty sauce.

Linda: I love oysters! I’ll get three oyster omelets… wait! What’s that odor? It smells like rotten garbage or smelly feet.

Annie: Hahaha, it’s one of the most notorious dishes in Taiwan, called stinky tofu. It smells bad because it’s fermented, just like blue cheese. It’s crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. You can hold your nose and give it a try!

Linda: Ok… I think a tiny bite is enough for me.

Linda 吃了臭豆腐後的感想如何呢?我們先來複習單字吧!

scallion (n.) 蔥

scallion 是「蔥」,英式英文則會用 spring onion 這個字。另外補充,「香菜」是 cilantro (美式)、coriander (英式),「芹菜」則是 celery。

When you come to Yilan, you must try the scallion pancakes.

savory (adj.) 鹹的

想要形容食物是「鹹的」要用 savory,salty 則是指食物「太鹹了」。

Tangyuan has sweet and savory fillings.

quench (v.) 解渴

quench 的意思是「解渴」,常見用法會說 quench your thirst with + 水/飲料。形容詞 thirst-quenching 就是「解渴的」。

During the sweltering summer, I like to quench my thirst with starfruit juice.

be topped with 淋上;加上

top 在這邊是動詞,意思是「在…表面放上」,be topped with 的意思則是在食物上面「淋上;加上 (做為裝飾)」。

The cake is topped with strawberries and raspberries.

ferment (v.) 使發酵

ferment /fərˈmɛnt/ 為動詞,意思是「(使食物) 發酵」,名詞形則是 fermentation。

Fermented foods contain probiotics which can improve digestion.

Linda 喜歡臭豆腐嗎?讓我們繼續看下去!

Linda: That’s amazing! How can it be so delicious while smelling so bad? The kimchi on the top of the tofu counterbalances the greasy flavor!

Annie: Hey! Save room for other food!

Linda: No worries! I eat like a horse! What are the small dumplings in the bamboo steamer?

Annie: They’re called xiaolongbao, which are different than dumplings. Xiaolongbao are steamed and filled with soup while dumplings are boiled.

Linda: I’d like to save that for last or I might feel full immediately. Look! Those little orange balls are so cute! They are like table tennis balls. What are they?

Annie: This is a popular bite-sized snack, called fried sweet potato balls. It’s crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.

Linda: I want a bag of fried sweet potato balls!

(After finishing the fried sweet potato balls…)

Linda: Oh, no! I’m stuffed! But there was lots of food for me to try!

Annie: If you want, tomorrow we can come to the night market again.

counterbalance (v.) 使平衡;抵消

counter- 字首有「反;逆」的意思,balance 則是「平衡」,所以 counterbalance 就是「使平衡;抵銷」之意。在對話中,counterbalance the greasy falovr 就是指泡菜的清爽把臭豆腐的油膩感中和掉了。

I like to eat strawberries with honey because the honey can counterbalance the acidity.

eat like a horse (phr.) 食量大

要形容人「食量大」可以說 eat like a horse,「食量小」則是 eat like a bird,跟中文的「小鳥胃」一樣。

My cousin eats like a horse, so he loves all-you-can-eat restaurants.

bite-sized (adj.) 一口能吃下去的

bite 是「咬」,size 是「尺寸」,所以形容詞 bite-sized 就是「一口能吃下去的;大小適合入口的」。

My mother cut the steak into bite-sized pieces for us.

I’m stuffed! 我吃飽了!

形容詞 stuffed 有「填滿的;填充以保持形狀的」之意,像 stuffed animal 就是「絨毛娃娃;填充玩具」,此外,stuffed 還可以形容人「吃飽的;吃撐的」,就像整個胃都被塞滿了。

A: Would you like to have some dessert?
B: No, thanks! I’m stuffed!



1. scallion pancake 蔥油餅
2. pearl milk tea 珍珠奶茶
3. lemon aiyu jelly 檸檬愛玉
oyster omelet 蚵仔煎
5. stinky tofu 臭豆腐
6. tangyuan 湯圓
7. starfruit juice 楊桃汁
8. xiaolongbao 小籠包
9. fried sweet potato balls 地瓜球

Linda 能吃到這麼多道地的台灣美食真是太好了!下次有外國朋友來台灣,也不妨帶他們去夜市逛逛,用台灣美食征服他們的胃吧!


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審/ Eunice Lin
圖/ Unsplash
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