小 V 整理出超實用的 100 句口語英文

學英文最致命的錯誤就是聽、寫、讀都很厲害,但是永遠開不了口!在了解超級實用的100句英文口語之前,讓我們來跟著 Emma 老師來學地表最強口說技巧!

【英文口說】地表最強口說技巧,培養美式口音的關鍵 (Sound like a Native English Speaker: Tapping)

1. I see. 我明白

2. I quit. 我不幹了

3. Hold on. 等一下

4. Allow me. 讓我來

5. My treat. 我請客

這句話很常用!在餐廳裡面如果想要大方請客,便可以說 My treat!
或是 It’s on me! 也可以。

Have fun and enjoy yourself! It’s on me tonight!

6. This way. 這邊請

7. After you. 您先請


8. Bless you. 保佑你

當朋友或旁邊的人打噴嚏時,也可以用 Bless you 來表達你的關心!

9. Forget it! 別說了、算了吧、休想

A: How’s your term paper going?

B: Oh, forget it! I haven’t even started yet!

10. Good luck! 祝好運

11. I promise. 我保證

除了 I promise 之外,也可以用 You have my word 來表達同樣意思!

I’ll take care of him. You have my word.

12. Watch out! 小心!

13. What’s up? 怎麼啦?

What’s up 同時也是打招呼用語哦!

A: Hey, Mike! What’s up?

Mike: Not much.

14. Bottoms up! 乾杯!

cheers 以及 toast 也都有乾杯的意思。通常 cheers 屬於比較輕鬆的場合,而 toast 則是比較正式的敬酒。
*補充* make a toast 敬酒

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15. I doubt it. 我懷疑

16. Never mind. 沒關係

*補充* It’s no big deal, Not at all 都具有同樣意思

17. That’s all. 就這樣

點餐時,如果講完自己要的東西,後面可以加 that’s all 服務生就知道你的意思了!

A: I’d like to have a roasted chicken sandwich and iced tea.

Waiter: Anything else?

A: No. That’s all.

18. Count me in. 算我一份

朋友揪團的時候,可以講 count me in 代表你也想參加!如果沒興趣的話,則可以講 count me out

A: Do you want to go shopping for shoes tonight?

B: Sure! Count me in!

19. He’s my age. 他跟我同歲

20. Take it easy. 放輕鬆

21. What a pity!太可惜了

22. Help yourself! 自己來吧!


A: Can I have some tea?

B: Help yourself!

23. I’m on a diet. 我正在節食

24. Keep in touch. 保持聯絡

25. Who’s calling? 是哪位?

接電話時,如果不知道對方是何方神聖,就可以說 Excuse me, Who’s calling?

26. You set me up! 你出賣我!

27. You don’t say! 真的嗎?(表示驚訝)、可不是嗎?


A: I saw my ex boyfriend dating with my best friend last night!
A: 我昨晚遇見我前男友跟我的好朋友在約會!
B: You don’t say!
B: 真的假的!

A: My basketball sucks.
A: 我的籃球真是爛透了!
B: You don’t say!
B: 可不是嗎?

28. You can say that again! 我完全同意!


A: David Beckham is the sexiest celebrity I’ve ever known.

B: You can say that again!

29. Tell me about it! 就是說嘛!


A: The economy is getting really bad. I can hardly afford my mortgage.

B: Tell me about it!

30. It’s up to you! 看你方便

31. You owe me one. 你欠我一次人情

32. I can’t help it. 我情不自禁

33. It depends. 看狀況

A: Would you like to have children in the future?

B: Well, it depends.

34. You ask for it! 你自討苦吃!

35. Don’t fall for it! 別上當

36. Don’t let me down 別讓我失望

其實就是 disappointed 的意思。也可以說 Don’t disappoint me.

37. I beg your pardon? 請你再說一遍

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38. It’s a long story. 說來話長

A: Why did she end up breaking up with Tim? I though they’re going to get married in the near future!
A: 她怎麼會跟提姆分手?我以為他們就快要結婚了!

B: Well, it’s a long story.
B: 說來話長。

39. The walls have ears. 隔牆有耳

40. Don’t give me that! 少來這套

41. Go for it! 加油

也可以說 Try your best 或是 Give it a try

42. I’m flattered 過獎了

當有人稱讚你時,為了表示禮貌,可以回說 I’m flattered! 或是 I appreciate that 我感謝你這麼說

A: You’re the best leader I’ve ever met.
A: 你是我見過最厲害的領導人

B: Thank you. I’m flattered.
B: 謝謝!您過獎了

43. So far, so good 目前為止,一切都好

44. Be my guest 請便、別客氣

45. Let’s get to the point 我們講重點吧

46. That was close. 好險!


Did you see that? I was almost hit by the car! That was really close!

47. Don’t play dumb. 別裝傻

48. Don’t give me that! 少給我來這套!

49. I’m stuffed. 我好飽

*補充*如果想要表達很餓的話,可以說 I’m starving! 或是 I can eat a horse.

50. I’m behind my work. 我的工作進度落後

51. It’s pain in the neck. 那真是件麻煩事、真的很討厭

Son, I don’t want to be a pain in the neck, but you really need to clean your room up!

52. You lucky bastard! 你真是狗屎運!

53. Wise up. 別傻了

Don’t be silly 也有同樣的意思

A: The boss promised to give us the bonus this year, didn’t he?
A: 老闆答應今年會給我們分紅獎金,對吧?

B: Don’t be silly! He is not being serious.
B: 別傻了!他只是說說而已!

54. I’m sitting on the fence. 保持中立

55. I’m dead meat! 我死定了

I have just failed my final exam. I’m dead meat now.

56. Let’s go dutch. 我們平分吧

去餐廳吃完飯要結帳時,如果是要跟朋友平分費用,就可以使用 go dutch 哦!

57. Sort of. 大概吧、算是吧

這句話在國外已經被用到爛! sort of 主要可以表達三種語氣

A: Are there many people going to Mary’s birthday party?
A: 很多人要去瑪麗的生日趴嗎?

B: Well, sort of.
B: 不知道,我不清楚耶

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A: Are you interested in playing football?
A: 你喜歡美式足球嗎?

B: Sort of. I’m more into baseball.
B: 還好。我比較喜歡棒球


A: Is everything right in school?
A: 學校的一切都好嗎?

B: Well, sort of. I’ve made some friends.
B: 還可以,我交了一些朋友

58. Suit yourself. 隨便你

Suit yourself 屬於比較不耐煩的口氣,像是“隨你開心”這種感覺

59. Told you. 早就跟你說了吧!

60. That’s rubbish. 胡說!

跟 bullsh*t一樣意思 不過比較委婉!

61. Why bother? 何苦呢?不必麻煩了

62. He’s a night owl! 他是個夜貓子


early bird 早鳥

63. You’re photogenic. 你很上相

64. You’ve got some nerves! 你真大膽

意同於 How dare you!

How dare you lecture us? Who do you think you are?

65. Believe it or not. 信不信由你

66. What’s in it for me? 我有什麼好處?

67. Great minds think alike. 英雄所見略同

A: I would like to learn French in the future.
A: 我未來想要學法文

B: Really? Great minds do think alike!
B: 真的嗎?果然是英雄所見略同

68. Can you spot me? 可以先幫我墊錢嗎?


Excuse me, I forgot to bring my purse with me. Can you spot me?

69. My fingers are all thumbs. 我笨手笨腳


70. You’re so lame! 你真遜!

71. We’re in the same boat. 處境相同、同舟共濟

The unemployment rate is so high right now and everyone’s in the same boat. No one could find a job!

72. I’m fed up with it! 我受夠了

也可以用 That’s enough 來表達

73. Don’t beat around the bush. 別拐彎抹角

74. It’s up in the air. 尚未決定

A: Hey! What are you going to do on Christmas?
A: 嘿!你聖誕節有要幹嘛嗎?

B: I’ll hang out with my girlfriend or stay home watching Netflix. It’s up in the air.
B: 我會跟女友出去玩,或是在家看影集。還沒決定!

75. It slipped my mind. 我忘記了

76. I’m working on it. 我正在努力了

77. You bet! 當然!


A: He’s going to get the champion this year.
A: 他今年一定會得冠軍的。

B: You bet! He’s the superstar!
B: 那當然!他可是超級明星!

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78. I’m going out on a limb. 我將要冒風險做某事

limb 原本是樹枝的意思。這邊指的是做這件事可能會有風險。要注意 limb 的 b 不發音哦!

79. What’s your pet peeve? 你有什麼怪毛病嗎?

80. It’s all Greek to me. 我完全不懂

Greek 指的是希臘文的意思。希臘文一向被認為艱澀難學,所以引申為「難懂的事」

81. That’s a good gimmick. 這是一個好方法

意同於 It’s a good idea.

82. Gag me! 好噁!

gag 原意是把嘴巴塞住。通常我們看到一個很噁心的東西就會想吐,所以才要把嘴巴堵住,以免吐出來!

A: Did you see that old lady in the halter dress?
A: 你有看到那位穿著露背洋裝的老女士嗎?

B: Gosh! Gag me!
B: 天阿!好噁!

83. What’s eating you? 你有什麼煩惱?

84. She’s drop-dead gorgeous! 她真是美翻了!

drop dead 指的就是 extremely、very 的意思。
與他相反的便是 plain-jane 樸實無華

85. I’m beat. 我累死了

86. Knock it off! 不要鬧了!

Kids, knock it off! It’s already 11 o’clock p.m.!

87. Stop pulling my leg! 別開我玩笑了!

pull my leg 可不是扯後腿的意思哦!扯後腿是 drag my feet 。

88. No dice. 不行

89. Don’t panic! 別慌張!

90. He’s down and out. 他不行了

down and out 有窮途末路、窮困潦倒之意

91. What’s the fuss? 在吵什麼?

92. It’s a flash in the pan. 曇花一現

93. Not for my money. 我可不這麼認為


A: I think that restaurant was really nice!

B: Not for my money. I felt so so.

94. Put up or shut up. 要嘛你去做,要嘛就閉嘴。

常常遇到人只出一張嘴,卻不做事,這時候就可以叫他 Put up or shut up!

95. I got goose bumps! 我起雞皮疙瘩了!

Every time I heard that professor’s name; I got goose bumps!

96. It’s a catch-22! 這真是進退兩難!

Catch 22 來自美國的作家約瑟夫海勒 (Joseph Heller) 的代表作 -第22條軍規 (Catch 22)。這條軍規規定,執行任務的飛行員們只有在精神失常的情況下才能由本人提出申請要求停止飛行。但是,如果一旦申請由本人提出,便是他沒發瘋的最好證據,因為「能意識到自身將發生安全上的立即危險,就證明這個人仍具有理智」。


97. I beg to differ. 我不贊同


98. He took the bait. 他上鉤了

bait 就是餌的意思。 take the bait 便是上當、受騙之意。

99. No hard feelings. 別見怪、別傷了和氣


100. Let’s call it a day! 今天就到此為止吧!

通常我們工作到一個段落,想要休息的時候,就會說 Let’s call it a day! 來結束這一天。

學了 100 句片語,是時候該 call it a day了!


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