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Amber Chang 2014 年 07 月 15 日

但是如果突然要我們講出幾個,好像一時間也只想的到例如get in、get out、get away之類的常見片語
其他像是get off、get up等的片語也常讓我們覺得既熟悉又陌生



1. get about/around
(1) (能)走動、旅行
ex1. She is getting about again after the operation.
ex2. She usually gets about.
(2)(指消息、謠言等)傳播, 流傳
ex. The news of his scandal soon got about.

2. get along
ex. It ‘ s time we were getting along.
ex. He gets along well with his girlfriend’s friends.
ex. How are you getting along with your studies?

3. get away
ex. I was too busy to get awa.
ex. Two of the prisoners got away.

4. get back
ex. When will you come back from London?
ex1. She got back her books that lost.
ex2. He got his former job back.
ex. That party hope to get back at the next election.

5. get down
ex. He can’t get down from tree by himself.
(2)記下, 錄下, 寫下
ex. Did you get his telephone number down?
(3) 咽下, 吞下
ex. The medicine was so horrible I could hardly get it down.

6. get down to
(1)開始做某事, 認真處理某事
ex. It ‘ s time I got down to some serious work.

7. get in
(1) 進入,上車
ex1. I don’t have a  key and can’ t get in.
ex2. She gets in that car quickly.
ex. The train got in late.
ex. It’s impolite to get in the words when others are talking.
ex. The farmers were busy getting in the crops.


8. get off
ex1. I want to get off at next stop, please.
ex2. He get off at six.
(2) 起飛,動身,出發
ex1. The airplane got off on time.
ex2. We got off after lunch.
He got off with a small fine.

9. get on
ex. The old man got on the bus slowly.
(2)過日子; 進展; 進步
ex1. How are you getting on these days at school?
ex2. How did you get on in your plan?
ex3. He is getting on well at school.
ex. I can’ t get on my work without an assistant.
ex. We can get on well with each other.

10. get out
ex1. Because of the rain I can’t get out.
ex2. When I knew they were planning something criminal, I got out at the first time.
ex. He got out a computer from his bag.
ex. Her book is going to get out on September.
ex. He is angry because that his secret was gotten out by his best friend.

11. get out of 
ex. I couldn’t get out of going to my ex-boyfriend’s wedding.
ex. The police got the truth out of him.
ex1. My mom hope me to get out of this bad habit.
ex2. He tried to get out of smoking.




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