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hsu Jenny 2015 年 07 月 13 日




1. Appetizer 開胃菜

Appies/ Finger Food/ Combo Platters/ Snacks/ Starters

2. Salad (and Soup) 沙拉(湯)

Garden Fresh/ Greens/ Light Fare/ Lighter Favorites/ Low Calorie Choices/ Low-fat Selections

3. Main Course 主菜

Entrée/ Dinners/ Main Dish/ Main Event

4. Side 副餐/小菜

Accompaniments/ On the Side/ Side Dishes

5. Seafood 海鮮

Catch of the day/ Fish/ Fresh from the Sea

6. Specialty 特製/特調

Signature items/ Favorites/ Pleasers/ 5 Stars

7. Dessert 甜點

Sweets/ Treats/ For the Sweet Tooth

8. Beverage 飲料

Drinks/ Non-alcoholic beverages/ Refreshments

9. Wine and Beer 酒類飲料

Coolers/ Draft/ Liquor/ Specialty Drinks/ Spirits/ From the Bar

10. Kids Menu 兒童餐

Juniors/ Kids Stuff/ Little Tikes/ For the Munchkins



1. Good evening. Do you have a table for two right now?

2. I have a reservation at 18:30.


3. Here are the menus. What would you like to order?

4. What kind of seasoning do you want on the steak?


5. The food is amazing here. It just made my day!


6. Can I have the check, please.

7. I would like to pay in cash.



1. Dessert      a. Big Daddy’s Hamburger with fresh cut fries
2. Starters      b. Homemade Iced Tea
3. Specialties    c. Junior Spaghetti and Meatballs
4. Refreshments  d. Peach pie a la mode
5. Seafood      e. Mouth watering garlic cheese toast
6. Sides        f. Loaded mashed potatoes
7. Kids Menu     g. Chef Brian’s homestyle chili
8. Sandwiches     h. Lemon and herb glazed Salmon
9. Spirits         i. Seasonal tossed greens
10.Salads     j. 1/2 litre house white



1d, 2e, 3g, 4b, 5h, 6f, 7c, 8a, 9j, 10i

文/Jenny Hsu
來源/EnglishClubErica Firment

作者簡介 VoiceTube看影片學英語

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