What the “HELL”這太實用啦! 教你如何靈活運用”HELL”這個字


“What the hell”是一句學英文的人都必學的話。
除了”What the hell”之外,”Hell”還可以如何運用在口語表達呢?

“Hell”這個字常常被用在口說英語裡,因為它可以用來表達不同的情緒,像是憤怒、慌恐、困惑、不在乎等等,它也可以用來增強語氣。加上不管說甚麼句子都可以加上一個”Hell”,這麼好用的一個字,難怪外國人會對它愛不釋口啊! 以下讓我們看看如何將”Hell”運用在我們的英文對話中吧!


以下跟大家介紹”Hell”要如何跟What, Who, When, Where,Why and How一起使用:

1. What the hell….
What the hell除了可以當一個表達語氣之外,可以運用在完整的句子裡來增強語氣,下面舉幾個例子:

What the hell are you talking about?  你到底在說甚麼鬼?
What the hell is that?  那個是甚麼鬼?

2. Who the hell…
Who the hell will love doing homework?  誰會喜歡做功課啊?
Who the hell is that?  那個人是誰?

3. When the hell…
When the hell are you married? 你甚麼時候結婚的!
When the hell can I leave this place? 我到底甚麼時候才能離開這裡?

4. Where the hell….
Where the hell do you think you’re going? 你以為你要去哪裡?
Where the hell is my key? 我的鑰匙跑去哪了?

5. Why the hell….
Why the hell is my TV broken? 為什麼我的電視壞掉了!
Why the hell you love that guy so much? 你到底為什麼那麼愛那個男的?


6. How the hell…
How the hell are you going to make it up for me?  你想要怎樣補償我?


Hell of (something/someone): 1. very bad person/thing 非常差的人/事 2. very good person/thing 非常好的人/事  
That’s a hell of a way to treat someone. 用那種方式對人實在非常差
He is one hell of a guy, we really like him. 他是個好好先生,我們都非常喜歡他。

Give someone hell: to scold someone severely; to trouble someone.  辱罵某人:找某人麻煩
My boss just gave me hell during the meeting! 我老闆在開會時把我給罵翻了

From hell: someone or something that is terrible or unbearable 讓人難以忍受的人/事
We live next to the neighbors from hell! 我們旁邊住了一個惡鄰居!

Get the hell out of somewhere: to leave or move quickly 快速離開
Get the hell out of my way. 閃開! 不要擋我的路!

Like/as hell: 1. extremely; very much; very badly 非常的  2. not at all 絲毫不/一點也不
My shoulders hurt like hell. 我的肩膀真的超級痛。
You want me to apologize? Like hell I will. 你想要我道歉,我會才怪!

Scare the hell out of someone: to make someone feel extremely frightened 讓人感到非常害怕
That creepy sound just scares the hell out of me. 那個怪聲快把我嚇到尿出來了。

Hell yeah: a phrase indicating agreement. 表示同意(加強語氣)
Let’s go grab something? Hell yeah! 我們去找點東西吃吧? 當然好啊!





作者:Derek Ho
Source: The Free Dictionary, Dictionary.com
Picture Source:Mindaugas Danys, CC Licensed, Greg westfall, CC Licensed.