Love is in the air~結婚英文用語大匯集!



◆ Contemporary Taiwanese Wedding Customs 當代婚禮習俗

1. fall in love 談戀愛;墜入愛河
2. go down on one knee 單膝下跪
3. pop the question/propose 求婚
4. ask for a bride’s hand in marriage/ask her father for permission to 5. marry 請求新娘的父親的允許
5. send betrothal gifts to the bride 向新娘過大禮
6. select an auspicious wedding date 選擇良辰吉時
7. plan the wedding 策劃婚禮
8. compile a wedding list 編寫婚禮清單
9. draw up a guest list 起草嘉賓名單
10. pick out cookies and invitations 揀出的喜餅和喜帖
11. send out invitations 送發邀請
12. choose bridesmaids and the best man 選擇伴娘和伴郎
13. buy/rent the wedding dress 買/租婚紗
14. select the wedding ring 選擇婚戒
15. take wedding photos 拍婚紗照
16. make music videos of memorable moments to show at the wedding 製作婚禮MV
17. look for the right gowns 尋找合適的禮服
18. decorate house with “double-joy” stickers and wedding paper cutouts 使用“囍”貼紙和婚慶剪紙來裝飾房子

◆Day of the Wedding 結婚當天

1. set off firecrackers 放鞭炮
2. offer six traditional wedding gifts 提供六禮
3. receive gifts 受禮
4. offer tea to parents 向父母敬茶
5. receive red envelopes 接受紅包
6. pass engagement challenges prepared by bridesmaid 通過伴娘的訂婚挑戰
7. receive “punishment” for failing the games 接受失敗的”懲罰”
8. perform ceremonial bow to parents 執行禮儀弓/叩頭父母
9. receive blessing and wise advice from parents 接受長輩的祝福和智慧忠言
10. pray to ancestors and gods for blessings 祈求祖先和神明的祝福
11. eat sweet soup 吃甜湯
12. exchange wedding rings 交換婚戒
13. Thank and bid farewell to the bride’s parents 感謝及告別新娘的父母
14. escort the bride 護送新娘
15. hold a circular rice filter/umbrella above the bride’s head 將米篩或雨傘遮蓋新娘的頭
16. toss a fan 拋丟扇子
17. pour out a basin of water 潑出一盆水
18. enters a sedan 進入轎車
19. drive to the groom’s house 開車到新郎家
20. a young child will presents two apples 小孩子會拿出了兩個蘋果
21. enters the new home and bridal room 進入新房和新娘房
22. wear white gown with a veil and prepare for the wedding ceremony 穿有面紗的白色禮服和做婚禮準備

◆At the Wedding 在婚禮上

1. receive guests 接待客人
2. give and listen to speeches 給…做演講;聽演講
3. walk down the aisles 步入紅毯走道
4. bridesmaids in matching dresses 穿著禮服的伴娘
5. the bride’s father walks her down the aisle 新娘父親牽著新娘步入紅毯走道
6. toss the bouquet 拋丟花束
7. change gowns toast and give thanks to family and friends 舉杯,感謝家人和朋友
8. take photos and say farewell to guests 拍照向客人道別

◆After the Wedding 婚禮結束後

1. tease/play tricks on the newlywed (Nao Dong Fang) 鬧洞房
2. lift the veil 揭開面紗
3. sleep because you are tired 直接大睡因為太累了
4. register for marriage at the Household Registration Bureau Office 在戶政事務所登記結婚
5. hold a civil ceremony 舉辦公證結婚
6. go on honeymoon 去度蜜月

◆People at the Wedding 婚禮上的親友

1. bride 新娘
2. groom 新郎
3. best man 伴郎
4. matchmaker 媒人
5. groomsmen 伴郎
6. bridesmaids 伴娘
7. flower girl and ring bearer花童
8. guests 嘉賓
9. emcee 主持人
10. photographer 攝影師



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photo source:Katsu Nojiri,CC Liscend


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